Escape to a gorgeous destination ranch in the Texas Hill Country offering scenic weddings, special event venues and guest lodging


Montesino Organic Farm

Montesino’s Organic Farm occupies the front nine acres of Montesino Ranch on a gently sloping plane of deep soil.  The farm has been under organic cultivation for six years, selling to Farmers’ Markets in Austin and the Hill country, as well as to local restaurants. We are proud to have earned a stellar reputation for producing consistently robust and vibrant fruits and vegatables.  After gratefully harvesting from this fertile land, we have chosen to allow most of Montesino’s farm to rest and recover over the next year by planting a lush green cover crop.  Our orchard of peach and fig trees and blackberry vines, our herb garden and family garden are still thriving.  While the majority of our farm rests, we hope that you still enjoying gazing over verdant acres.